Training Program

At HIFA, we believe that if we want the best from our students, we have to train them a lot. With our team of experienced coaches, we have been able to develop and design training program capable of meeting general, individual and specific needs we lay more emphasis on the attacking style of play.

With the exception of when taking part in a competition or playing friendly matches with other teams, we train six days in a week with emphasis on effective maximization of time. Our training regime is built on the back of solid fitness.

We have been able to adapt to the coaching philosophy and training programs being used by USA, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, African continent among others. With our affiliation with some African professional clubs and national associations, we have been able to keep our curriculum updated.

Our training programs are designed to stimulate specific sections of play during real life match scenarios. At HIFA, individual and teams are taught the tactical and technical understanding and principles of playing football.

The areas specially focused on during training programs include:

  • Passing
  • Finishing
  • Dribbling
  • Crossing
  • Defending
  • Heading
  • Feint & Moves
  • Set Pieces (Free Kicks, Corners, Throw-ins etc.)
  • Formation Training

Please feel free to watch some of our training session video Here