Elements of our Core Operations

The following are the core elements that characterize our operations, and also translates our core functions as a youth football academy:

Talents’ Identification and recruitment (Scouting): We take out time and resources to host several youth competitions across the six geo-political zones of Nigeria. The major criterion for the selection of the players during the showcase program is good or average educational grades. Our team of scouts at  HIFA look out for the basic co-ordination units in young players such as balance, pace, agility and most especially confidence.

Technical (Coaching): Our coaches are well trained and experienced enough to majorly impact the players, firstly, with good moral behavior and secondly, show them how to become good players. Our ideology is very strong and direct. It simply involves always playing with the ball at a high rhythm as well as intercepting and passing drills. From the onset, the students are taught on how to love the ball and how not be afraid of having possession.

Medical (Psychology, Physiology and Performance Analysis.  All the players are duly registered in nearby hospitals. Physiotherapists are also usually invited to work with the players.

Evaluation: The evaluation and assessment of the individuals is a continuous process. We have several techniques and methods of working on the missing technical attributes of the different players playing various positions.

Education and Welfare (Life skills) we believe that definitely not all the chosen ones will make it to the top. This is why dealing with failure is one of the academy’s key areas of focus. The kids need to have a “Plan B. We see these kids as role models and it is our duty to ensure that they are capable of taking the decision and utilization of whatever circumstances they might find themselves in the future.